Monday, December 10, 2018

Turn on the Light

Advent is a time of year when we talk a lot in the church about light in the darkness. It is at this, the darkest season of the year that we talk about God coming to a dark world bringing light.

I love light. The first thing I do in the morning is to go through the house and turn on lights. There is something about light that wakes us up. It doesn’t just help us see what is there, but helps us biologically to move.  I don’t just do this for me, but for everyone in the house. It seems to pull the kids out of their beds and get the house up and going.

Jesus is talked about over and over again as The Light of the World. I believe that seeing God has that same effect as light in our homes. God helps us to see the world, and even see the dangers in it. But God also gives us the energy and courage to face that world.

Yesterday, once again I found myself at a clergy thing. Once again, I heard hopelessness and grief of churches struggling to go on. I heard fear about the UMC’s future.

 I just want to remind all my colleagues that we are called to walk through the dark house each day, a flip some switches. We are called to say, “Did you see what God just did there?” We are called to help others see the light. As we flip switches, we find energy and we find energy in others to try again this day to make the world better. We may see the dangers in our way, but we can also find the ways around them.  Our calling is to help others see the light. Not to just talk about the darkness surrounding us.

So I want to encourage you to flip the switch today. Where do you see God’s light in the world? Where this week has God made a way where one did not exist before. What dangers are you able to face because you have The Light to guide you? We have a sacred calling to flip switches, not to just complain about the darkness.

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