Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pastor Jorge's Visit

It was a day of praise as we welcomed Pastor Jorge into our midst on Saturday morning. We heard about the new disciples being made among the Lenca people and how God is using the church to find short term and long term solutions to the poverty they face. We talked about a potential visit to Honduras in the spring as well and what we may be doing there. I even got to become “friends” with Pastor Jorge on Facebook. 

The most moving part of our visit was to hear Pastor Jorge share how our Honduras brothers and sisters have been praying for La Fontaine UMC through its rough times and are praising God for our renewed sense of mission and hope. The reason this was so powerful is because it points to our partnership with the church in Honduras. The giving and receiving is not in only one direction. When they are in need, we reach out them and when we are in need, they reach out to us. There is something deeply powerful and humbling in knowing that God’s church across borders has been praying for US. Perhaps that is why we are still here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

World Communion Sunday

It’s been a wild week, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to talk about Honduras. This last Sunday we celebrated World Communion Sunday not just by remembering all those Christians around the world that took of The Lord’s Supper with us, but also by hearing about how disciples are being made in Honduras. Greg Dawes shared about our history with Honduras. He shared about the 2 mission trips those from our congregation went on 7 or so years ago. Mike Hodupp then shared with us about how the work we partnered in then has continued to grow.

For me, the most powerful thing he shared was about two Lenca men who were only children when we started investing in a meal program in their area. These two men recently made a commitment to Jesus and being his disciple! Praise God! It is amazing how something as simple as a meal almost a decade ago has changed God’s kingdom for eternity.

Mike also shared with us the need for volunteers to serve this spring in mission in Honduras and we are just at the beginning steps of planning a team. I can’t help but wonder: What will God do with this team? Will he produce disciples...maybe not this spring…maybe years from now from the ministry that will happen? I want to encourage you to continue to pray for Honduras. Continue to pray for those God has called to step out in mission.

We have a special opportunity on October 18th at 10 am to meet with Pastor Jorge from Honduras. He will be meeting with us at our church here in La Fontaine, and I encourage you to come and hear more about what God is doing in Honduras.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

On the Way to our Father

We had a church picnic last Sunday out at the beautiful Salamonie Dam. Afterwards, Nick, the kids, and I went down to fish. I am not much of a fisherman. In fact, the last time I did much fishing was with my grandfather about 20 years ago. Of course, when you are fishing with a 4 year-old and 6 year-old, you don't need a lot of skill. It was only a few casts before they were done with fishing, and ready for exploring. Lydia took this picture of me looking out over the river.

It was a good day, Sunday. It started with a great new small group of parents and kids learning about God together. Then there was worship filled with God's word and response to that word. Next it was time to connect out at Salamonie with people of all ages in lots of fun ways. One of my favorite moments-thought I didn't get a picture of it- was on the hayride. Our smallest rider at 15 months old, decided she needed to go from Mommy to Daddy across the wagon midride. As she escaped from Mommy's hands, every arm of every person went out to hold her and protector her as she made her way to Daddy. What a beautiful picture of what church is! When we reach out to hold, protect, and help each other...even when that other may not even know they are in a risky spot. That little gal made it safely to Daddy. May we hold, protect and help each other this week, that we may all make it to Abba, Father no matter where life carries us.