Monday, December 18, 2017

When God is with US

It is the day after our children’s program. I am amazed how God has used such a simple project to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Let’s count the ways:

1.       God called a new leader in our congregation to head up this project. Samantha asked about doing a
program as we celebrated her confession of faith at our new membership service in August. She talked to kids and parents, set a weekly practice, and led practices. She didn’t just suggest we do something and expect someone else to do it. She stepped up and made it happen.
2.       God got kids excited about inviting people to worship. The 13 kids and families in the program invited over 100 people to come hear about Jesus’ birth.
3.       God got people here. Ten minutes before we were to start, one kid peeked out. “That’s a pretty small crowd,” she said. I assured her more were coming. By the grace of God, I was right! Around 60 people came to support these kids and here about Jesus’ birth.  
4.       God shook those nerves right out of us. The kids all remembered their lines and did a great job with their songs and motions.  It was a great play.
5.       One of our students was all ready for their line when the student too shy during practice whispered a request to do it. The first student let the second do it. That was some grace and kindness in action for sure.
6.       God provided food! We had just enough to invite folks downstairs to build relationships after the performance. Kids did the heavy lifting of connecting people who hadn’t met before.  One girl wanted to meet my parents. She told them she was my favorite! 

Thank you, God, for showing up and for the little blessings sprinkled throughout the night.

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